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Our Mission

“Indy Music Portal exists to bring High Definition Video and also a live music calendar to the people of Indianapolis, IN and the world. If a picture is worth a thousand words then HD video coupled with music makes a superb gateway for people who cannot make it to different venues to see live music.” We believe that our local community is abounding with fantastic talent that needs to be showcased. Indy Music Portal is born with the basic principle of providing high video quality on the internet. Also, to have an archive of video’s that over time will be nice to see performances long forgotten. Internet surfers need an open Portal, rich with new Video possibilities, while satisfying their desire to obtain all these Video’s without having to spend money. Many platforms offer this like Youtube and facebook.

This is where the third element comes in, the one responsible for putting the whole thing in motion: our sponsors. In order for everyone to view these videos , our sponsors have the opportunity to communicate messages from their brands which are specifically interesting for internet surfers. This is how the circle closes up and goes around. Each time a new internet surfer joins our flight, a new pair of wings is added, bringing all of us closer and closer to the ultimate dream of helping local musicians with free video advertising.